Best Museums to visit in Alexandria

You might have heard about the beautiful museums of Alexandria once in your life? Don’t confuse this Alexandria with the one in the United States. Alexandria is the second largest and most populous city of Egypt after Cairo. The history of Alexandria goes way back up to 5000 years and more. The city is named after its rules Alexander the Great, one of the most important ruler of all times. The place is a popular travel destination and each year around 200,000 foreigners visit Alexandria alone or with their friends or family.

Alexandria is best for casual photographers as well as history lovers. Most above of all, Alexandria extends about 20 km along the coast and that makes it perfect for sun bathing near the beach. But perhaps the best thing Alexandria offers to its visitors is its museums that are rich in culture and historical values. Alexandria also has the largest prehistoric library which has nearly all the past literature reserved. Some literature goes back way more than 1500 years. The library has now been renovated and changed into a modern one. Still, no country can beat this library, in terms of historic values and modern literature.

Below is the list of the best museums for foreigner to visit in Alexandria

Alexandria National Museum:

This museum was inaugurated in 2000’s and is in the heart of Alexandria and easy accessible to travelers from the airport and their hotel. The place is full of artifacts and antiques and contains many ancient sculptures and historical pieces from Canopus and Heraklion era. Moreover, the museum is rich in holding ancient jewelry, weapons and glassware. This is the best museum and a traveler to this great ancient city must never miss this place.

The Graeco-Roman Museum

This place is an archeological museum which was erected in late 1800 century. It was built in a five-room place but recently it was converted into a large complex and was fully renovated and shifted to the popular Gamal Abdul Nasser street in Alexandria. The place holds one of the largest sculptures of Apes and sacred bulls. Many foreigners visit this ancient Greek museum each year. The place is kept very clean and there is 24/7 security by the Egyptian forces. Moreover, the museum’s architecture itself is a great thing to see. This museum is surely a must visit place when visiting Alexandria.

These two are the best museums one should never miss to see while visiting this ancient city. Other small museums include The Cavafy Museum, The Royal Jewelry Museum and a lot more. Make sure that you book your tickets in advance to avoid any inconvenience. Keep reading this place for more articles on travel and leisure.