7 Best Places to Visit in Barcelona

Barcelona, the second most famous city in the country after its own capital Madrid. Whether you are intrigued by exotic Spanish cuisine or the amazing nightlife and culture, Barcelona’s has your back.

  1. The Gothic Quarter

At the very core of the Oldest part of Barcelona sits the Gothic Quarter. Its history can be traced back to when the Romans ruled this area, an appealing ancient specimen of gothic style. It inhabits the great Picasso Museum which is really, really crowded at all time. So either you have to arrive early or pre-book your tickets online to ensure your entry.

  1. EL Raval

El Raval, known throughout Barcelona for its night vices. Partying, drinking and getting smashed in the most exotic neighborhood of Barcelona. The market places of El Raval are an excellent place to have three course meal in a very economical price about ten to fifteen Euros and they also serve a complementary glass of wine. You can also spot here the modern arts museum of MACBA, an interesting place for people watching as it attracts skaters from all around the world.

  1. Casa Batlo and Casa Mila

Barcelona has its own diverse architectural outline that was designed by Gaudi about one and a half century ago. The striking Casa Batlo and Casa Mila are modernist buildings of Barcelona that were initially built as private manors for important capitalists. They are now open for public tours and even offer enhanced veracity visits.

  1. Sagrada Familia

The Sagrada Familia Cathedral is a Spanish masterpiece of structure and design. Still going through various improvements even after a century past its original creator’s death. The Cathedral is simply the most visited attraction of the city as crowds that flock here are very loud and nearly insane. There is a high chance that if you don’t come early or book tickets prior to coming, you will have to settle with a picture from far behind.

  1. Estadi Camp Nou

This enormous football field is practically Barcelona’s other cathedral. Home to the FC Barcelona, one of the best football clubs of La Liga. Chances are you might be on time to attend an El Classico, but don’t worry if you can’t secure tickets. Almost every store and inn in the city will be playing the game!

  1. Parc Guell

It is a must visit destination of Barcelona, a great specimen of art from the 19th Century Catalonian architecture, also by Gaudi. The park stands on the Carmen Hill, an opus of alluring gardens and perennial designs such as the fabulous ironstone banks. Definitely, the next background of your Instagram profile picture.

  1. Vila de Gracia

As you walk down the hill from Parc Guell, you can spot the village of Gracia. A hip town in the center of large metropolis, but feels like an oasis. If you are visiting Barcelona in August, make sure you do not miss the Festa Major de Gracia that takes places in the neighborhood. Locals celebrate this festival by building human castles called Castells, it is one of the oldest festivities of city.