How to Visit Machu Picchu with Family

How to Visit Machu Picchu with Family

Machu Picchu is a historical citadel of Peru that was a former part of the most copious the pre-Colombian empire. The city is a combination of what is left of antediluvian and aboriginal Incan influences. It is situated high and mighty among the Andes foothills of Peru, the chronicles of the city ruins can be traced back to the Fifteenth Century BC. However, the precise past use intended for the sophisticated design of the sanctuary and why was it abandoned, still remains a mystery.

The archeological site is basically a great place of interest for families to visit other than historians. There is a lot of saga, texts and artistic structures that the Incans have left behind to study which conjure quite the inquisitiveness in you and your family. The ruins of Machu Picchu are renowned for the parched stone fences barricading the city that coalesce giant slabs without the use of cement or any filling substance. Huayna Picchu is a peak that stands by the bend of Urubamba River, a great place for hillwalking and sightseeing the remnants of the old quarters build on the mountain. It is followed by many other spots to visit such as the Winay Wayna, the Temple of Three Windows and a few other wondrous places that are glorious pieces of natural and primeval art that remains unknown till this date.


However, what makes it a great place for family especially kids is that it is a camping site which means that children with learning about the intriguing Incan history would also enjoy an adventure in the calm wilderness. There is much else to engage into too other than visiting the magical lost city of Inca to make your day more interesting and mesmerizing such as a night out in Lima. The question that triggers is that when it is the best season for a splendid adventure. The classic hilltops and complex talisman designs of this UNESCO World Heritage Site is not cheap to visit. Although, Machu Picchu is unrestricted all year round, the peak seasons are the late summer July and August. You should always be prepared to expect large crowds in the late summer, especially on Sundays because that is when the natives of Cusco province are permitted to enter free of charge. So if you are paying a decent amount to scour the striking peaks then you may as well get a proper chance to discover. The chance of rainy are quite uncertain, from April to October is the torrential rain season and heavy showers can just burst through the sky any moment at any time of the year.

Whatever place you originally come from for a visit that may be much lower in altitude than Cusco which is nigh 11,000 feet or Machu Picchu which is a timid 8,000 feet. So, yes! You will take time get acclimated to such high altitude. In case you have planned a stay in Machu Picchu that would necessitate spending the night in Cusco, it is best suggested to book an immediate train directly to Aguas Calientes from Cusco to get accustomed to the lower elevation. An added tip is that book all your train tickets far in advance to avoid the hustling mob of 5,200 daily visitors.

Best Museums to visit in Alexandria

Best Museums to visit in Alexandria

You might have heard about the beautiful museums of Alexandria once in your life? Don’t confuse this Alexandria with the one in the United States. Alexandria is the second largest and most populous city of Egypt after Cairo. The history of Alexandria goes way back up to 5000 years and more. The city is named after its rules Alexander the Great, one of the most important ruler of all times. The place is a popular travel destination and each year around 200,000 foreigners visit Alexandria alone or with their friends or family.

Alexandria is best for casual photographers as well as history lovers. Most above of all, Alexandria extends about 20 km along the coast and that makes it perfect for sun bathing near the beach. But perhaps the best thing Alexandria offers to its visitors is its museums that are rich in culture and historical values. Alexandria also has the largest prehistoric library which has nearly all the past literature reserved. Some literature goes back way more than 1500 years. The library has now been renovated and changed into a modern one. Still, no country can beat this library, in terms of historic values and modern literature.

Below is the list of the best museums for foreigner to visit in Alexandria

Alexandria National Museum:

This museum was inaugurated in 2000’s and is in the heart of Alexandria and easy accessible to travelers from the airport and their hotel. The place is full of artifacts and antiques and contains many ancient sculptures and historical pieces from Canopus and Heraklion era. Moreover, the museum is rich in holding ancient jewelry, weapons and glassware. This is the best museum and a traveler to this great ancient city must never miss this place.

The Graeco-Roman Museum

This place is an archeological museum which was erected in late 1800 century. It was built in a five-room place but recently it was converted into a large complex and was fully renovated and shifted to the popular Gamal Abdul Nasser street in Alexandria. The place holds one of the largest sculptures of Apes and sacred bulls. Many foreigners visit this ancient Greek museum each year. The place is kept very clean and there is 24/7 security by the Egyptian forces. Moreover, the museum’s architecture itself is a great thing to see. This museum is surely a must visit place when visiting Alexandria.

These two are the best museums one should never miss to see while visiting this ancient city. Other small museums include The Cavafy Museum, The Royal Jewelry Museum and a lot more. Make sure that you book your tickets in advance to avoid any inconvenience. Keep reading this place for more articles on travel and leisure.

What is Alaska Cruise All About!

What is Alaska Cruise All About!

As far I as know, Alaska is the largest state of America bordering with Canada in the east and Pacific Ocean in the West and South. However, Alaska is the smallest state in terms of population density due to the strict birth control rules set by the Alaskan government. This also makes the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per head larger than usual states, making the income and employment levels rise.

For recent years, Alaska cruise has drawn a major attractiveness towards me. Alaska is situated in the Far East of America with a cold temperature normally. You can enjoy the cold and freezing temperature with your friends or relatives. Alaska cruise is one of the most privileged and comfortable cruise nowadays. Due to its increasing popularity, many Cruise lines have moved their services further for traveling Alaska. I choose the Princess Cruise because it shows the real face and scenic beauty of Alaska in a glance. Today, Princess Cruise line is the most famous and popular cruise for visiting Alaska.

I believe that touring Alaska through a Cruise can be risky. Probably, I am true. The reason is due to weather and temperature obstructions. My travel agent told me that touring Alaska is strictly prohibited in the summer due to its cold temperature and high sea waves. The travel agent also said that touring Alaska in summer is adventurous. Glaciers and icebergs are the main beauty of Alaska. I watched glaciers, geysers and icebergs in the months of January, February, March and April. However, in the summers, the temperature can cross more than 80-degree Fahrenheit thus it is highly recommended to consult your travel agent before touring Alaska. Alaska is a country of mysteries, anything can happen anytime ranging from high to low temperatures, low to high sea levels and inadequate weather conditions. However, before visit Alaska, I had clothing for all weather seasons at the time of my visit, because the weather of Alaska cannot be predicted and remains unknown to even met experts sometimes.

Alaska cruise offered me a variety of fun and exiting features onboard including casinos, dancing bars, shopping malls, coffee shops and night clubs too. I was traveling by sea and watched each creature inside. Whales and even sharks were also seen in the sea. It is said that Alaska never gets dark due to its wonderful locations, but the main reason is still unknown. Before going for Alaska, I even enquired the travel agents that either I should take my children with me or not due to its child temperature. But believe me, Alaska was the best sightseeing opportunity for my children especially for people like me, who are fond of natural beauty. The visit was an unforgettable one which is why I suggest you do the same. Make sure that you book a room on the appropriate side of the cruise like I did, so that you can see many types of mountains, waterfalls, forests, sea lions and snow carved mountains too.

Alaska has the record of having more than ten of thousands of glaciers and more than five million lakes. Alaska is probably the most stunning locations a State can give. I have never seen these breath-taking and astounding views ever in my life and probably I will never see them ever. Reaching Alaska was the hardest part for me, but I dealt with it in the most successful manner. After reaching Alaska, each day was a discovery day. Alaska is the most memorable and discoverable place for me on the planet, and so can it be for you.

Why you Should Visit Orlando in the Winter

Why you Should Visit Orlando in the Winter

Orlando is one of America’s best vacation spots for visiting during the extremely cold, winter season. If you’re a weary winter traveler, Orlando should come top of your winter escape destinations. Apart from having winter temperatures of up to the 70’s, Orlando has something for everyone. Your vacation here will be a combination of sunshine, adventure, and fun. The best time to go to Orlando is from March to May as this is when the area experiences the most pleasant weather. Visiting between September and mid-November would also be appropriate since there are reasonable hotel rates and airfare as well as relaxing temperatures. Here are reasons why you should plan to visit Orlando this Winter season.


One of the things that makes Orlando particularly appealing to travelers during the winter season is the subtropical climate. As mentioned, the average temperatures in Orlando hover around the mid 70’s. The region experiences milder winters compared to those further north. One of the things you’re assured of in this place is daily sunshine. While it may get a cooler sometimes, it can’t be cold for too long. Your vacation here will, therefore, be fun-filled, comfortable, and enjoyable as you get out to explore key attractions in Orlando.

Theme Parks

Did you know that Orlando is home to major theme parks in the world? In fact, it’s considered the world’s capital for theme parks. Probably you’ve heard about Universal Orlando or the Sea-world or the Walt Disney World. These are the major theme park operators in Orlando and have much to offer. Remember the weather in this place is comfortable and allows visitors to have maximum enjoyment at the theme parks. Why not start your day at the Blue Spring State Park before getting a horseback experience while exploring the natural beauty of Central Florida? You can then proceed to zip along the treetops at Forever Florida and finish your morning adventure touching an iceberg at Titanic.

Shopping and Dining

Any vacation isn’t complete without having some shopping and dining experience. That’s something every traveler agrees to. Orlando is not left behind when it comes to shopping and dining. As a matter of fact, the City offers some of the very best shopping and dining available in the country. Visitors who come here spend time enjoying the shopping experience at the Florida Mall, the Orlando Prime Outlets, The Loop, the Mall of Millenia, and Orlando Premium Outlets. Don’t forget to go to the Park Avenue Shopping District and spend some time at the Winter Park’s “Rodeo Drive.”


Who doesn’t know Orlando for its great theater productions and shows? It’s time you started appreciating the finer things in life. Experience Orlando’s rich culture and art at the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art before having a good read at the iconic Orlando Public Library. You can’t just leave here before you understand how this great and amazing city came to be. The Harry Leu Gardens in Orlando allows visitors to spend time with their loved ones strolling through the lush, green gardens. Don’t miss out on the carillon concert at Bok Tower Gardens as well.

7 Best Places to Visit in Barcelona

7 Best Places to Visit in Barcelona

Barcelona, the second most famous city in the country after its own capital Madrid. Whether you are intrigued by exotic Spanish cuisine or the amazing nightlife and culture, Barcelona’s has your back.

  1. The Gothic Quarter

At the very core of the Oldest part of Barcelona sits the Gothic Quarter. Its history can be traced back to when the Romans ruled this area, an appealing ancient specimen of gothic style. It inhabits the great Picasso Museum which is really, really crowded at all time. So either you have to arrive early or pre-book your tickets online to ensure your entry.

  1. EL Raval

El Raval, known throughout Barcelona for its night vices. Partying, drinking and getting smashed in the most exotic neighborhood of Barcelona. The market places of El Raval are an excellent place to have three course meal in a very economical price about ten to fifteen Euros and they also serve a complementary glass of wine. You can also spot here the modern arts museum of MACBA, an interesting place for people watching as it attracts skaters from all around the world.

  1. Casa Batlo and Casa Mila

Barcelona has its own diverse architectural outline that was designed by Gaudi about one and a half century ago. The striking Casa Batlo and Casa Mila are modernist buildings of Barcelona that were initially built as private manors for important capitalists. They are now open for public tours and even offer enhanced veracity visits.

  1. Sagrada Familia

The Sagrada Familia Cathedral is a Spanish masterpiece of structure and design. Still going through various improvements even after a century past its original creator’s death. The Cathedral is simply the most visited attraction of the city as crowds that flock here are very loud and nearly insane. There is a high chance that if you don’t come early or book tickets prior to coming, you will have to settle with a picture from far behind.

  1. Estadi Camp Nou

This enormous football field is practically Barcelona’s other cathedral. Home to the FC Barcelona, one of the best football clubs of La Liga. Chances are you might be on time to attend an El Classico, but don’t worry if you can’t secure tickets. Almost every store and inn in the city will be playing the game!

  1. Parc Guell

It is a must visit destination of Barcelona, a great specimen of art from the 19th Century Catalonian architecture, also by Gaudi. The park stands on the Carmen Hill, an opus of alluring gardens and perennial designs such as the fabulous ironstone banks. Definitely, the next background of your Instagram profile picture.

  1. Vila de Gracia

As you walk down the hill from Parc Guell, you can spot the village of Gracia. A hip town in the center of large metropolis, but feels like an oasis. If you are visiting Barcelona in August, make sure you do not miss the Festa Major de Gracia that takes places in the neighborhood. Locals celebrate this festival by building human castles called Castells, it is one of the oldest festivities of city.